Photo de la Semaine: Week 3

Photo of the Week


As I promised, this is what the inside of a boutik looks like! This is my neighborhood boutiquier, who was too kind to pose for a photo in exchange for me buying a few coconut-covered beignets. As you can see, one can buy all sorts of things at a boutik – snacks, juice, canned goods, flip flops, super glue, spicy Café Touba (a local sweet drink, essentially instant coffee with spices), cleaning supplies.. anything!

What do you think of the boutik? Do we have any equivalents in the US?

I know you’ve had a busy week, and I asked some big questions on Monday. Whenever you have the chance to answer them, I’ll add them on to this post or just wait until next week!

A lundi, insh’allah! (See you Monday, God willing!)



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